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CrystalClear Research provides biophysical and structural biology solutions for biotechnology companies to accelerate bringing their products to market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide biotechnology companies with a complete biophysical and structural biology package of solutions for their research and development needs, without the necessity of investing in the infrastructure such analysis requires. This includes analysis of structural and biophysical problems, strategic planning, resource development, and structural and biophysical laboratory services including X-Ray Crystallography.

Our Purpose

    In today's biotechnology market every year of product development means millions of dollars in development expenses and lost sales. In addition, the competitive nature of pharmaceuticals means an increased development time translates to an increased chance of a competitor getting to market first. While it has been established that structural data can accelerate the drug discovery process by years, few biotechnology companies have the resources to invest in building, equipping and staffing a structural biology and biophysics laboratory, let alone build and maintain a state of the art X-Ray Crystallography facility; a process that can cost upwards of 2 million dollars.

    CrystalClear Research allows biotechnology firms to take advantage of these powerful techniques at a fraction of the startup costs. We offer complete expert biophysical and structural biology techniques, including molecular modeling and simulation, as well as project management, review, training and oversight. Our fee-for service pricing allows companies to know, up front, what a project will cost, so there are no unexpected costs.

Contact Information

Contact us for an introductory discussion of your projects needs and what we can do to help you bring your product to market. You may speak to Dr. Andrew Mazurkie directly by e-mailing andrew.mazurkie@crystalclearresearch.com. CrystalClear Research is research accelerating biotechnology!

Postal address
97 Loring Ave, Providence, RI 02906
Electronic mail
General Information: info@crystalclearresearch.com
Customer Support: support@crystalclearresearch.com
Webmaster: webmaster@crystalclearresearch.com


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